Competitive Classes

Dancer: Rylie Johnston. Wasaga Beach, ON.

Dancer: Rylie Johnston. Wasaga Beach, ON.


Comprehensive Dance Training…

Our competitive programme is ideal for those wishing to gain MORE from their dance training.

Our award winning competitive dance team (May Dance - A-team dancers), will participate in 3 or 4 dance competitions in the dance season, attend workshops and perform at community events.

Our Competition/Recital season is held once every two years.

What to expect:

At May Dance we prepare our competitive dancers (A-team dancers) for a career in dance and the performing arts or as dance teachers. We offer:

  • Exposure - A-team dancers are encouraged to learn from different choreographers and to broaden their dance styles by attending workshops.

  • Opportunity - A-team dancers will be asked to attend suitable auditions.

  • Experience - Select A-team dancers will have the opportunity to work alongside Miss Helen and gain valuable teaching experience.

  • Inspiration - A-team dancers are encouraged to get familiar with the dance world! At May Dance we can connect you with inspiring dance professionals.



All A-Team Dancers are required to take Ballet and Jazz technique classes in their age group. Acro technique and Conditioning/Stretch class are also highly reccomended.

A-Team dancers are also required to take class in the style of dance they have been selected for and any styles they would like to be considered for.


A-Team Dancers will learn their competitive choreography OUTSIDE of their classes. Rehearsals to learn competitive choreography will be scheduled as an addition to regular class times*.

*Rehearsal times will usually fall on the weekends.


A-Team dancers are selected throughout the prior season based on their commitment, dedication and ability. It is expected that A-team dancers practise and stretch daily.

Auditions may be required for dancers new to May Dance or those new to the A-Team.