Baby & Toddler Classes

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Toddler Classes at May Dance

Give your little dancer a head start in their dancing career by enrolling them in any of our Mini classes at May Dance.

Creative Movement - Ages 2/3 Years

Creative movement is a perfect way to introduce your child to the world of dance. 

These upbeat, physical activity sessions are designed to install a love of music and movement. Using a mixture of props, musical instruments and well known and loved songs/nursery rhymes, these classes are guaranteed to teach, inspire and boost confidence in little ones. 

We use a perfect mixture of set syllabus exercises (following the ISTD modern syllabus) and cleverly designed free exercises to give your child the perfect introduction to a structured dance class that will help your child reach their age milestones, whilst loving every second. 

Mini Tap - AGES 2/3

Introduce your child to the fun, noisy world of tap dance!

This upbeat 30 minute class will have your little dancer tapping away in no time.

We use a mixture of set syllabus exercises (following the ISTD Tap syllabus) and cleverly designed free exercises to help ensure your child learns the tap dance fundamentals.

Your child will grow in confidence, develop co-ordination and social skills and have SO MUCH FUN.

MINI Ballet - Ages 2/3 Years

The perfect introduction to the beautiful art of ballet. 

Research has found that children respond well to structure and discipline, which makes ballet the perfect art form for your child to begin their dancing career. 

Past experience has shown us that dancers as young as 2 years, can learn the ballet basics and progress quickly, giving them a head start in the foundation of all dance genres. 

Our toddler ballet classes make ballet fun and engaging by using imagery, rhymes, stories and props. 


Mini ACRO - Ages 2/3 Years

Your little one will love tumbling, rolling and balancing in our Mini Acro classes!

Acro fuses dance and gymnastics. These fun, interactive acro classes will ensure your child learns the dance basics, as well as simple acro moves such as; bridges, preparation for handstands, preparation for headstands, forward and backwards rolls and more!

We focus on developing strength for more complex acro movements in the future in a engaging, fun and safe practice.

Our teachers are certified with Acrobatic Arts AND Acro Dance Teachers Association and experienced and knowledgeable in this field!

ALSO NEW TO 2019/2020 Dance Season… Mini Jazz and Mini Hip Hop.


Baby Classes at May Dance - 6 Week sessions!

Parent & Baby - 3 - 12 months 

These classes are perfect to help your baby explore the big world around them!

Classes are led by a very experienced and certified instructor, who will help you bond with your child through music, gentle movement and play to contribute to the natural development of your baby. 

In these sessions we combine specially designed exercises, using developmental toys, music and baby yoga techniques, that are bound to make your baby happy and provide you with quality one to one interaction. 

Parent & Toddler  - 12 - 24 months 

What better way to connect with your child than through the world of music, movement and creativity? 

Be prepared to have lots of fun with your little one in these energy packed dance classes. Work with your child to help them learn and explore dance basics and develop co-ordination. Sing, twirl and play!

Sessions are designed with parent/carers participation in mind, providing you with the perfect opportunity of spending quality one to one time with your tot, whilst offering the social benefits of group interaction.