Ballet Boot Camp

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A different type of barre class...

Are you ready to experience a new fitness class? 

This class takes principles from a barre class AND a cardio class, to provide you with the ultimate workout that will help you tone muscles WHILST burning calories.

Ballet boot camp classes use techniques inspired from ballet and other principles such as Pilates/yoga, as well as high energy cardio burning exercises to get that heart rate up! 

What to expect from taking this class:

  • A dynamic and invigorating workout.

  • A mixture of body weight/free weight exercises.

  • Improvement in your balance and posture, improvement in muscle definition, increased flexibility, aid in weight loss and help in reducing stress.

  • You will see results quickly in both your physical appearance, but most importantly in your mental wellbeing.

Adult Ballet Class

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Ballet might be the best workout…

No matter whether you took ballet as a child or are thinking of starting as a total beginner, our adult ballet class is bound to bring you heaps of benefits!
What to expect from this class:

  • Gain Strength and build endurance.

  • Improve Co-ordination and flexibility.

  • Cognitive development - increased sharpness in your cognitive function.

  • Improved Energy.

  • Developed understanding of correct posture and ability to transfer this knowledge to your every day life.

  • Clear mind/sense of calm.

PopCo (Popular Choreo)


Seen a dance online and want to learn it? Love a song and want to learn the matching choreography?


This is a NO-COMMITMENT class. Just come and learn for fun!

We are excited to release a Popular Choreography class. Each month we will teach you a routine to your current favourite song OR choreography from famous choreographers. So you can strut your stuff and try something new!

Attend the class when you can. This is a DROP IN ONLY class.

Adult Tap Class

Tap, Tap, Tap…

Come and join our popular adult tap class. It’s bound to put a spring in your step and have you tapping your feet wherever you go!

ANYONE CAN LEARN! This FUN, non judgmental class is perfect for beginners to learn the basic tap fundamentals or for those who wish to improve their current knowledge and technique.

Tone your legs and strengthen your feet. Increase flexibility in your hips, knees and ankles. Improve your memory and cognitive function. Socialize with fellow adult dancers.

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Ballroom & Latin Classes


Dancing with the stars will be next…

Always wanted to dance? Looking for something different? Want to bond with your partner and try something new and fun? Our ballroom and Latin classes might be the best fit for you!

Learn various styles of ballroom and latin dance in these special 8 week sessions including; salsa, cha cha, rumba, waltz, foxtrot, jive, samba, quickstep and more!

With our Canadian national championship teacher, you will feel at ease as you develop your skills in ballroom and latin dance.

Enquire today on our 8 week session start date.